the lady behind juju jams

I’m Julie, founder of JuJu Jams. I didn’t set out to run a company, but here I am in my seventh year of business, more motivated than ever to design the best loungewear and sleepwear pieces possible. I searched long and hard for the perfect materials, design and support resources the world has to offer and I’m proud to bring them to you and your girlfriends. I’m an entrepreneur, mom of three and wife to my best friend. I had a hunch that many of my girlfriends were stuck in the same flannel pants/t-shirt combo, so I launched an idea and it stuck. I love empowering women, lending an encouraging word and providing a product that is going to make you and your friends feel like a million bucks. Whether you’re a CEO, a carpool crazed mom, a college-age student or just a girl who wants out of her flannel pjs rut, I have a solution for you. I promise my JuJus will be your Jam and I’m thrilled to share my story with you.

Meet Julie

From the time I was a little girl, my father would always tell me to “go get in my JuJu Jams” when it was time for bed. Little did I know my father would give wings to an idea I had of designing comfortable, supportive, upscale loungewear years later. JuJu Jams was born in 2012 after I searched for the perfect pair of pajamas, but couldn’t find anything that offered the support and style I desired. I didn’t want to have to change for school drop off or fear the doorbell. There were plenty of options involving flannel pants and t-shirts, but nothing I could actually wear outside of my bedroom, much less that didn’t include putting on a bra. Whether I was cooking, answering the door, entertaining my kids and their friends or just hanging out, I wanted something that provided the comfort I desired, but also made me look put together. When nothing like my vision existed, I took matters into my own hands and designed countless prototypes. After five months of test trials with girlfriends, I finally got it right. I’m inspired to offer you the highest quality fabrics, attractive designs and support. Nothing compares to putting on a luxurious pair of JuJu Jams after coming home from school or work. You don’t have to panic if you have unexpected company. JuJu Jams offers superior comfort, without sacrificing support or style. And did I mention there’s no bra required because of my exclusive adjustable insert? You can feel confident and comfortable wearing your JuJu Jams anywhere! From travel to toasting your best friends around your table, JuJu Jams will be your go-to for everyday loungewear. Go ahead and take a match to those flannels and t-shirts. Make the switch to JuJu Jams today!