the lady behind juju jams

One morning I woke up thinking “This is it”. This is what I need to develop to help with breast support. I was needing something to help me support my breasts after I got home and was ready to put on my pjs. I didn’t want something as confining as a bra, but yet I wanted support that was comfortable.  I went to a local fabric store and asked the lady if she knew a seamstress, since I had no clue on how to sew. She gave me a card of a lady in my hometown, and I gave her a call.

We worked together for 5 months developing prototypes and having my great friends try them out. We would get recommendations on how to make the product better. In April, a great friend of mine took them to a retailer in Tulsa and they fell in love with them, and JuJu Jams has grown from there.


I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma most of my life, attending high school and the University of Tulsa. I met and married my husband 21 years ago and have 3 beautiful active children; Josh, Joel, and Jillian. My children are go getters by being very active in lacrosse (Josh), competitive baseball (Joel), and competitive dance (Jillian). We are a very busy household.

My past business and life experiences have led me to “jump out of the box” and take on this journey of JuJu Jams, LLC. I dedicate the name of “JuJu Jams” to my late father who passed away 19 years ago. When I was a little girl, my father would tell me to “Go get in your JuJu Jams, it is time for bed. Go get in your JuJus”. I will always remember my sweet father and his fun loving nicknames.

I pray that you fall in love with JuJu as much as I have. I hope you love the material, the support and the fun designs of this unique product. I hope you love the way it makes you feel attractive and supported in every situation you are in, whether that is hanging out with friends, cooking dinner for the family, or answering the door. You have as much support as you need when you need it.