The Built-In Bra That Sets Us Apart

JuJu Jams is a patent pending line of supportive yet comfortable loungewear that has a built in adjustable bra.  Twenty-four hour wear that doubles as pajamas with built in bra.  The bra is made of a very soft shaper mesh fabric that allows for support and comfort of the breasts. The mesh material is a breathable fabric which allows the breasts to not get hot during sleep or hormone changes. There is a tie attached to the bottom of the bra that can be tied according to the users comfort and support. It is a wonderful feature so the consumer can determine how much support she needs. The bra is built into the top as one unit.

This is an excellent product for support and health of the breast tissue through the aging process.  Most women do not like to sleep in a bra. JuJu Jams help protect the breast tissue by giving the breast support, but not confining them in a bra. This allows women to have the support without the restrains of a traditional bra.

Additionally, JuJu Jams provide support, comfort, and modesty when lounging with family and friends. Instead of coming home from a long day and putting baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt on, you can wear JuJu Jams and be cute, comfortable, and supported around friends and family. You are always presentable when you are wearing JuJu Jams.


pajamas with built-in bra