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May 08, 2019 2 min read

I think there’s a moment in every woman’s life, where you look at your pajama drawer and think “what happened here?” So you go in search of new pajamas, but you find no in between from flannel and frumpy to “where’s the rest of it?” When did we stop caring what we go to bed in and what we wake up in? I polled ten of my friends and we were all in the same boat. We could put our pajama drawer in two categories: grandma or sex kitten (and the latter hadn’t seen the light of day in years). It was a consensus-no one would be confident to wear what was in their pajama drawer in front of anyone. We were a heap of old, boxy t-shirts probably acquired from a random 5k race and pants that were circa 2005, most likely a Christmas gift from mom. Which lead me on a mission to find cute (but grown up), comfortable (but not lazy looking), supportive (i.e. gives your lady friends a lift without requiring a bra) loungewear. Was this too much to ask?

Enter JuJu Jams

A friend had told me about these luxe pajamas that also serve as everyday wear and I thought how good could they be? Well, let’s just say once I made the switch, I never wanted to take them off. JuJu Jams allow you to make the transition from bedroom to the living room seamlessly. Kids have overnight guests? No problem. Doorbell rings because you have a delivery? You’re covered. Girlfriends come over for an impromptu happy hour, but you’ve already changed into your JuJus? Not an issue.

What’s The Difference?

First, they feel like pajamas, but they look like clothes I would wear out in public. In fact, I have worn them in public and people are none the wiser. Hence, the luxe loungewear label everyone is gushing over. JuJu Jams are for all those casual occasions where you want to be relaxed, but still look put together. Second, when I do sleep in my JuJu Jams, I don’t need an additional sleep bra or anything else for support. The adjustable, breathable (so key!), built-in-bra allows you to go bra-less without looking bra-less. Third, I have two words for you: Machine. Washable. I can throw my JuJu Jams in the washer without any hesitation they will pill, shrink or look old in two washes. The material is super soft and holds up over several washes without special treatment. I mean, who has time to hand wash pajamas? Not this girl.

So if you’re looking to cleanse your pajama drawer of all things graphic tees and boxer shorts, make the switch. Your pajama drawer will thank you and your family will probably be fooled into thinking that mom actually has it all together. Including her pajamas. Thank you JuJu Jams.